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The Tag List Search Field

This field adds an additional and powerful search field which will help you quickly reduce the number of stamps which match your search parameters.

Unlike the "Search" field to the left, this "TAG" search field allows entry of only "Special Search Tags" which will be found in the pull down menu for this field.

Data has been entered in many records to facilitate this capacity to find very specialized listings.

(Note: It is possible to combine two special "TAG" searches: e.g. by typing "6A" in the SEARCH field and choosing "NIM" from the Tag List pull down menu, one will see all 3¢ Brown Type 6A plated positions which were not listed in Marler)

Special Search Keys

"6A" - will find all listings of Marler's 3¢ Brown, type 6A ~ the strong retouches at left
"Q" - will find all listings where we are uncertain that the image matches the plate position indicated
"NIM" - will find all listings where we illustrate positions not described by Marler
"R28" - for images of plated examples of the 2¢ Carmine retouches of Marler type R28
"Matte" - will find the 2¢ Carmine listings from the 3 pubications of Raymond Matte - there is also a link from the home page
"Reiche" - will find many listings from Hans Reiche's 1897 Admiral Plate Flaws booklet - there is also a link from the home page
"Notch" - will find all 7¢ Bistre listings which have a 'notch' in the right inner oval
Note: there are a series of "N" and "R" 3 letter tags which will help identify notch plate positions. See the instructions on the notch pages or visit HERE

"GGD" - will find 2¢ Carmine listings showing a large (giant) guide dot
"UK" - Plate position is UnKnown
"SEL" - for Straight Edge Left
"SER" - for Straight Edge Right
"SET" - for Straight Edge Top
"SEB" - for Straight Edge Bottom
"ARC" - for stamps showing a Compass Arc guide line
"MPE" - for stamps showing a MisPlaced Entry
"WGB" - for CPVs believed to be first reported on this site
"CF" - for special Constant Flaws
"BBL" - my personal 'want list'...Bill's Bucket List ;-)

Additional TAGS may be added from time to time. Suggestions will be considered and are certainly appreciated!