To enjoy the features of this site, you are advised to ensure that you meet the following "Prerequisites"

  • "Marler" is a term used often. In 1981, George C. Marler's most detailed print reference for Canada's Admiral Issue was published. Every serious student of the issue will want to be familiar with his work: "The Admiral Issue of Canada".

  • "Re-entry", "Retouch" and "Plate Flaw" are terms used throughout the site and are all examples of "Constant Plate Varieties". If you are not comfortable with these terms, there is a little Practice Quiz provided which may be helpful.

  • A basic understanding of the production process of Steel Engraved Stamps will also be very helpful as it will allow one to differentiate between true plate flaws and the inevitable random inking or printing errors.

  • Some familiarity with "Marler Types", as described in his book, will be helpful. There is some additional help here, but the site is currently under construction.

  • The enjoyment of seeking and studying the Constant Plate Varieties that occur during the production of Steel Engraved Stamps is a must. We are not sure that this can be taught, but it can be learned. These errors each have a story to tell. They may take your enjoyment of The Admiral Issue to the next level.

Our goal with this site it to provide a reference tool for the serious student of the Constant Plate Varieties of the 1911 Admiral Issue of Canada. if you are interested in some help "Plating" your Admiral CPVs, we hope you will find this tool helpful. We also hope you visit often and offer to share helpful information/images.

If you are new to the fundamentals of philately and are hoping for some basic Admiral references, this is not likely to be your best starting point. There are a great many of good reference matereials and web sites available. Meanwhile, enjoy the 1,000s of detailed images and descriptions, which, we hope, will encourge you to dig a little deeper into the Admiral Issue.

When you are ready, we hope that you will find that our efforts have created a powerful and useful reference tool. We hope to see you back soon ;-)