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Site Introducton

It is best practice to start at the home page.
To the right is a picture of the Menu section
of the Home Page.
Most of what we do will start here.
There is a link to "Home" on every page.

A Plate Position Search

The inital goal of the site was to provide
images for stamps listed in "Marler".
The most direct search is to enter a
Plate Position in the Search field.
In this example, "12LR35" was entered.

A single position is found.

With this search two 'records' are found
the Major re-entry of the 1¢ green in
both sheet and coil formats.
Clicking on either the stamp image or
the title of the record will open a window
showing the data page for that stamp.
This process works for every stamp on the site.

A Plate Position Search

A more detailed view:

While still on this specific stamp page,
move the cursor over the image.

While hovering over the single stamp image
an enlarged view of the image may be
explored simply by movement of the cursor.

Easy Exploring


On each stamp detail page is a
red "Related Stamps" link which
will open a new tab on the right.

These optional links will allow easy access
to additional stamps with similar characteristics
and are a great way to explore the site.

Searching Specific Groups

From the home page, it is easy to view
a specific group of stamps.
In the following search:
The "Denomination" field is set to "2¢ Carmine",
and the "Format" field to "Coil".
Now links to all of the 2¢ Carmine Coils
on the site are shown, in groups of 12.
Note the "Load More" link at the bottom.

2¢ Carmine Coils

Some groups are quite small and can be surveyed quite quickly, while others will have many dozens of stamps to view.

Additional tools are provided to further refine searches.

The "Tag" Search Field

From the Home Page, a search for
3¢ Brown from sheets will show over 200 possibilities. Adding "6A" to the search field
will reduce the number to about 60 possibilities.
Picking "SET" from the pull down "Tag" menu
will further reduce that to 8.
SET is short for Straight Edge Top - find more detail here.

3¢ Brown 6A & SET

Explore how the site will work best for you.
If you limit the denomination and printing format and enter a Marler like descriptive term in the
search field, the chance to match a stamp is quite high.

Search terms like "below CAN" or "above PO" can be very helpful.