Finding Images for Marler

...and beyond!

1000s of Re-entries, Retouches and Constant Plate Flaws found on Canada's 1911 Admiral definitive stamp issue.
1 Cent Green 42UR35

"Doubling of the frame in the right margin at the lower right corner and at the bottom of the left numeral box, and of both numerals, with marks in the E of ONE and in CENT"

5 Cent Blue 14UL4

Not in Marler: A flaw in the upper right frame and of the top horizontal line of the spandrel above the 'S' of Postage.

2 Cent Carmine 2UR97

Not in Marler: Reiche No. 48 "white dot above 'C' of Cents, Plate No. 2, UR 97"

7 Cent Bistre 2R57

Not in Marler: Strong notch showing the horizontal just below the bottom of the 'E' and the vertical slightly to the right in the inner white oval. A clear guide line through the left crown, NA and in the inner oval slightly below C.