Finding Images for Marler

...and beyond!

1000s of Re-entries, Retouches and Constant Plate Flaws found on Canada's 1911 Admiral definitive stamp issue.
5 Cent Blue 14UL4

Not in Marler: A flaw in the upper right frame and of the top horizontal line of the spandrel above the 'S' of Postage.

2 Cent Carmine 2UR97

Not in Marler: Reiche No. 48 "white dot above 'C' of Cents, Plate No. 2, UR 97"

7 Cent Bistre 2R57

Not in Marler: Strong notch showing the horizontal just below the bottom of the 'E' and the vertical slightly to the right in the inner white oval. A clear guide line through the left crown, NA and in the inner oval slightly below C.

2 Cent Carmine Reiche 16

Not in Marler: Reiche states "No. 16 bottom frame line extended"